Quote of the day and group sessions


Quote of the day:
“I joined ‘the’ women’s group at the end of last year and it has changed my life completely, meeting other people who have been raped was incredible, it showed me that I am strong enough to get through it and face it.”

Mindfulness Group – 11am -12pm (all welcome, strictly no entry to group after 11am)
Women’s Group – 12pm -1.30pm

SOSAA Group – 6pm – 7pm (For survivors of child sexual abuse)

If you or anyone you know requires support please contact our Helpline on 01224 591342 (open hours: Mon/Thurs 12pm-8pm Tues/Wed 9am-5pm ) outwith our opening hours please contact Rape Crisis Scotland on: 08088 010302 (every day between 6pm-12pm)