EHRC takes a stand against the #rapeclause


Rape Crisis Scotland welcomes the stand taken by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in defending the human rights and privacy rights of rape survivors.

In a letter sent today by the Commission to Damian Hinds MP, Minister for Employment at the Department of Work and Pensions, the Commission refers to ‘the invasive reporting requirements of intimate details’ and states:

‘We consider that there has been a failure to fully consider the impact of the implementation of this exemption, including the potentially traumatic process for having eligibility assessed and the risk of retraumatisation upon survivors of rape. This system would rely upon women who we know from statistics are overwhelmingly unlikely to report rape to police, reporting it to Department of Work and Pensions. The approach also does not account for children born of an ongoing abusive relationship, where women may not exercise power over decisions on how many children to have – and when.’

You can read the full letter here: