RCG aims to support any survivor of sexual violence in a way which is inclusive, trauma informed and person centred.

As part of our promise to deliver the best support we possibly can to anyone referred to us, we recently began our journey toward attaining LGBT Youth Scotland’s Charter Mark.

LGBT Youth Scotland, together in consultation with the community, developed this charter mark as a recognition of standards within organisations who are demonstrating commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality.

We have members of the LGBT community working and volunteering with us and we aim to promote the message of our service being fully inclusive. It is our aim to not only attain the Chartermark, but to go beyond the requirements as inclusion, equality and diversity are values at the very heart of our charity and those working within it.

We would welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our service for members of the LGBT community. Please Email us with any ideas at: info@rapecrisisgrampian.co.uk