For Survivors of Rape and or Sexual Violence

If you have just been raped – or if you are with someone who has just been raped:

Your immediate safety

If you are at home or in the home of someone else – has the attacker gone? If not, can you make yourself safe, contact a friend or family member or call the police? If you are in any danger call 999 immediately.

Do you have any injuries?

You may be in shock and be unable to feel any pain right now. Check if you are bleeding. If this is more than a very minor cut, you may need to go to Accident and Emergency.

If you have banged your head, or if you have been hit on the head you may need medical attention. If you were unconscious for even a short time, you should go to Accident and Emergency.

If you are going to Accident and Emergency can you contact a friend or family member to go with you?


At the police station you will have a statement taken and an examination by a police surgeon will be organised. Again, you should try not to bathe or discard your clothing.

You can take someone to the police station with you but they may not be allowed into a confidential interview and they may have to wait a considerable time.

Your health

Emergency contraception

If you are concerned that you may become pregnant from the rape you may want to access emergency contraception. This should be done as soon as possible but certainly within 72 hours of the attack.

You can contact Grampian Sexual Health @ The Health Village for more information on how to get your emergency contraception on 0845 337 9900

STI testing and follow-up

You may also be concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted infection and will be able to discuss testing with staff at The Health Village.